IOVlabs Joins Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger to Accelerate Blockchain Adoption in Enterprise and Government


IOVlabs, the organization behind the RSK Smart Contracts and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) platform, has joined the Linux Foundation and Hyperledger. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español from Gibraltar in a statement.

The Linux Foundation is an organization that aims to promote open source technologies, and Hyperledger is the chapter focused on blockchain technology that has over 250 members, including companies such as Citi, JP Morgan, Telefonica and IBM.

IOVLabs CEO: „We were born with the purpose of enabling financial inclusion and empowering people“

Joining the Hyperledger community would allow IOVlabs to integrate Besu Hyperledger technology into their platforms to develop solutions for businesses and governments, according to Mr.orn. Besu is an Ethereum compatible technology for developing public and private blockchain solutions.

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldivar, CEO of IOVlabs, commented:

„We are very excited to be part of the Linux Foundation, one of the leading organizations promoting open source software and ecosystems. All the software used within the RSK network and developed by IOVlabs is open source and our spirit is completely aligned with that of Linux. Our partnership with the Linux Foundation and Hyperledger will accelerate the adoption of open blockchain standards that foster financial freedom, transparency and trust.

Brian Behlendorf, Hyperledger’s chief executive officer, added:

„The purpose of IOVlabs to establish a fairer and more inclusive financial system will be reflected in use cases based on blockchain technology to achieve that goal. It is gratifying to see Hyperledger’s open source and community-built technologies as a fundamental pillar in achieving that mission. We are very grateful for IOVlab’s commitment to create open and decentralized platforms and for the support of its global team to continue growing the Hyperledger ecosystem“.

IOV Labs expands its cooperation with Coinsilium to promote the adoption of RSK and RIF platforms in Asia Pacific

It should be noted that IOVlabs has developed a series of blockchain-based solutions for companies, including Gasnet, a blockchain network focused on Argentina’s natural gas distribution ecosystem and a proof of concept for the country’s central bank. Now, he plans to expand through a partnership with the Linux Foundation and the use of Bitcoin Storm the adoption of RSK and Hyperledger-based Blockchain technologies by businesses and governments.

About IOV labs

IOVlabs develops blockchain technologies for a new global financial ecosystem. Since the signing they have stated that they are looking for an ecosystem that promotes opportunity, transparency and trust. Currently, the organization is developing the RSK Smart Contract Network, RIF, and Taringa!

„The RSK network is one of the world’s most secure smart contract platforms, designed to leverage the unmatched hash power of Bitcoin while extending its capabilities. The RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) set of open, decentralized infrastructure protocols enables faster, easier, and more scalable development of distributed applications (dApps) within a unified environment,“ the statement said.