Uniswap now at TradingView: Boost for UNI?

Ethereum (ETH) mining will soon no longer be necessary: ​​The Ethereum blockchain is switching from PoW to PoS and no longer needs miners to verify the blocks. The picture shows an Ethereum coin on a circuit board.

In the area of ​​decentralized finance (DeFi), Uniswap is considered the platform par excellence. The platform has long since reached dimensions that are comparable to central stock exchanges. Another important milestone for the platform and users of DeFi applications is the current integration with TradingView .

Let’s take a look together at the advantages of the Uniswap integration with TradingView and which functions are provided.

Uniswap trading pairs on TradingView

Let’s briefly summarize the most important information: Traders and investors who work with Uniswap could now display their preferred trading pairs via Profit Revolution.

The way it works is very simple: All you need to do is enter the keyword „Uniswap:“ to access the top 100 trading pairs on the decentralized exchange.

As you can see from the following tweet, TradingView announced the integration two days ago via Twitter.

Uniswap manages to reach another important milestone with the integration into TradingView. The success and rise of the platform becomes particularly clear when one considers the short existence of the project.

It becomes even more specific if you look at Uniswap’s tweet series. The team highlighted their most important successes in recent weeks.

In addition to the 100,000 followers on Twitter, there are the 200,000 UNI claimers and 88,000 UNI holders. The more than 1000 trading pairs are also worth mentioning, as is the large proportion of the Ethereum volume.

With a lot of pathos, the team thanked all the users who made this growth possible:

We are so grateful to the Uniswap community and excited to see the project continue to grow.

UniSwap (UNI): performance at a glance

But what about the associated UNI token? – The sober numbers on UNI’s performance read as follows:

UniSwap (UNI) is currently in 35th place on Coinmarketcap with a price of $ 3.05. This gives the project a good place considering the fact that the UNI launch did not take place until September 17th.

Despite the short trading hours, we were already able to observe high volatility. UNI is currently trading around 65% below its all-time high of a good 8.40 USD.

What is certain is that the project was able to achieve many important milestones in the short time and has created a fundamental basis. We will look forward to the further development of UNI.